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Online payday loans are viewed by many people as the right solution to their financial problems, particularly if they’re in need of some additional funding but do not know where to get it from. Those financial products seem to be favorites among the lending products due to their easy and convenient accessibility for those who are in urgent need of cash.

To most people who don’t know of other sources of funds to borrow from or who happen to have less than perfect credit history, online payday loans are real life savers. It is also very helpful that payday companies operating online are usually available 24/7 to address their customers’ emergencies.

Credit Check

Majority of lenders in our network perform a credit check with major credit agencies. Some lenders may choose not to check your credit history, which happens rather seldom.

Cash advances are a great assistance especially to those people who are in the average income bracket. And although they usually come with high interest rates and other accompanying fees, many people still resort to pay check advances because they are convenient and involve almost none paperwork. Easy access is the factor that makes it less difficult for average earners to solve their urgent financial problems by means of payday advances, despite the high overall cost of a loan.

Submitting a loan request online has one major advantage. It saves plenty of time and effort. By using this website the customer gains access to multiple nationwide payday lenders with a single application form. It’s possible because we’re not a lender but a matching service cooperating with a vast network of lenders from all parts of the country. The moment the loan request has been submitted to our network, it is processed by multiple lenders competing for the customer’s business. In case the customer is not satisfied with a loan offer made by a particular lender, he’s always free to cancel his loan request at no cost or negative consequences. Filling out an online loan request takes as little as a few minutes, so does usually take the loan approval process.

Open 24/7 including Saturday and Sunday

Payday loans online can be requested all week long including weekends and holidays. The service is available 24/7. is not a lender. It’s a connecting service pairing borrowers with legit loan lenders who compete to provide the borrowers with best possible loan offers. Our network of lenders provides 24/7 services and considerably fast loan approval process.

Due to the fact that is not a lender but a connecting service connecting customers with payday lenders, we have no knowledge of exact APR that will be imposed on the loan. The APR might differ from one lender to the other and it’s calculated on the basis of the information supplied by the customer in his loan request. The APR together with loan fees and terms are always determined in the loan agreement. On average, the APR varies from 390% to 780%.

Legal Notice

Consequences of Non-Payment, Late-Payment and Partial-Payment

The consequences of non-payment, late-payment and partial-payment together with loan principal as well as finance charges are all specified in the loan terms and conditions. has no information on or supervision of the fees and charges applicable in the event of loan non-payment, late-payment and partial-payment due to the fact that these terms and conditions are in the discretion of the lender and the customer. It is advised that before signing, the customer carefully reads and understands loan documentation issued by the lender.

Loan Renewal Policy

It’s state legislation that to a considerable degree regulates loan renewal policy. The possibilities of loan renewal are presented to the customer by the lender prior to loan acceptance. The customer is advised to read and understand the renewal policy before signing the loan agreement. suggests customers to repay the loan when it’s due and in full in order to avoid non-payment, late-payment and partial-payment fees.

Rates of Interest and Fees of the Loan

After the loan has been approved, the customer is introduced with exact rates of interest and fees. is not a lender and possesses no information on exact rates of interest and fees applicable to the loan offered to the customer. The customer is under no obligation to agree to the terms stated by the lender in the loan agreement.

Credit Score Implications doesn’t make any decisions with regard to credit and doesn’t run the customer’s credit check. Lenders in our network may resort to credit check in order to estimate the customer’s eligibility for a loan. The proceedings undertaken by a specific lender may or may not have effect on customer’s credit score. In the event of a customer failing to repay the loan on a due day, the lender may report it to credit bureaus, which then might have a negative impact on the customer’s credit score.

Procedures of Debt Collection is not a lender and as such is not involved in debt collection.The debt collection practices are specified by the lender in the pan agreement. If there are any uncertainties on the part of the customer as to debt collection practices used by the lender, the customer is advised to discuss it directly with the lender.